Beware of counterfeits!

Остерегайтесь подделок ветеринарных препаратов

Attention! We have noticed that there are counterfeits of our products!

We inform our customers that our company does not produce the following veterinary products: Tolucox-25, Metrostim, Antidiarin, Heteroton, and Endometrin. However, these products with Trade House BiAgro LLC labels can be found on the market. We also warn you about the possibility to find a counterfeit Metrolek product. Please, check the batch number with the supplier.

We kindly ask you to report all cases of counterfeit purchase to the Trade House BiAgro LLC:

email to or call +7 (4922) 34-16-21.

Kindly note that use of counterfeits constitute life-threatening situation for your animals, as well as it makes therapeutic and preventive measures less effective.

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