Removal of restrictions from the viral vaccine Vladivak – La-Sota

As a result of the confirmation of quality conformance, the Federal Veterinary And Phytosanitary Monitoring Service announces that the dry viral vaccine against Newcastle disease Vladivak — La-Sota, Batch 1, expiration date January 1, 2018, produced by the Trade House BiAgro LLC is back on the market.

According to the data from the posthoc analysis of the production process and laboratory analysis of retained samples from the Trade House BiAgro LLC, also according to the data from the independent expertise at the testing center FSBI (all-russian state center for quality and standardization of medicines for animals and feed) the infectious activity is conformant with the value specified in the regulatory documentation of the product ''Dry Viral Vaccine Against Newcastle Disease Vladivak — La-Sota''.

Снятие ограничения с вирусвакцины «Владивак – «Ла-Сота»

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