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Sheep diseases cause a decrease in productivity, physiological disturbances and possible death of the animal. They arise as a result of non-compliance with the conditions of detention and feeding. For the treatment of diseases, veterinarians prescribe certain quarantine measures and medication.

The Bionit company offers to buy our own veterinary products for sheep. The products are tested in our laboratories, which guarantees their quality and compliance with international requirements and standards. Medicines for animals are packaged in convenient containers and delivered to customers with detailed directions for use.

Types of diseases

All diseases in sheep can be divided into several groups:

  • Non-contagious - this category includes gastrointestinal pathology, ovarian disease, pneumonia, poisoning, bloating, gastroenteritis. As a rule, they arise due to drafts, dampness in the room, eating stale food and the lack of necessary minerals and vitamins in the diet.
  • Infectious - the cause of their occurrence is microscopic organisms - viruses, bacteria, and pathogenic fungi. The greatest threats to sheep’s health are brucellosis, smallpox, catarrhal fever, mastitis and listeriosis.
  • Parasitic - infection occurs due to exposure to parasites, such as ticks, wingless flies, worms, flatworms and cestode larvae. Many diseases of this type are fatal and reduce livestock.

Varieties of products

Depending on the characteristics of the animal’s disease, the veterinarian may prescribe the following types of veterinary products for sheep:

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Fetazol is a disinfectant with antiseptic properties.

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Antibiotics - may be administered intramuscularly, intravenously, or mixed with food.

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Mastistop - is produced in the form of ointment and is used to care for muscles and joints.

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Bivermektin - used for the prevention and treatment of parasitic diseases.

Our buyers are provided with consulting services in order to for select medicines for sheep and are offered favorable conditions for cooperation. Delivery of products is carried out in all regions of Russia by transport companies.

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