Virosalm liquid vaccine

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Virosalm liquid vaccine

Vaccines against avian diseases
Trade Import and Export Classification code 3002 30 0000

Vaccine against salmonellosis and Newcastle disease in pigeons and decorative birds.

Ingredients: bacterial cells of salmonellosis causative agents and virus-containing extraembryonic fluid of chicken SPF embryos.

The vaccine for pigeons and decorative birds Virosalm is a yellowish-gray injection liquid.

It is packaged in bottles of appropriate capacity, designed for the number of doses from 6 to 20. It is intended for the formation of an immune response to salmonellosis and Newcastle disease after 14 days (double administration is required).

The product is used for the prevention, and not treatment of diseases, and is completely harmless. The use of the product does not impose restrictions on the use of meat, eggs, and offal of an immunized bird, regardless of the timing of administration.

Benefits of the Virosalm vaccine for pigeons

Вакцина Виросальм для голубей

Vaccination against Newcastle disease and salmonellosis is carried out in poultry farms that are dysfunctional for these diseases. It can be used for:

  • Young animals at the age of 20 days.
  • Parents in the 25-30-day period before the laying of eggs, which contributes to the formation of transovarial immunity in chicks.
  • Birds 25-30 days before her participation in events involving contact with other members of the family, for example, exhibitions, sales, transportation, exchange, etc.

The use of Virosalm means is characterized by several advantages, allowing to achieve the maximum effect and to qualitatively protect the livestock from the occurrence of diseases. These include:

  • The possibility of vaccinating not only pigeons but also a number of species of decorative birds, in particular, parrots, quails, pheasants, chickens, ostriches, geese, etc.
  • The occurrence of the effect two weeks after application twice in accordance with the directions.
  • Immune response lasts for at least 11 months.

How to vaccinate

Вакцина Виросальм для декоративной птицыBefore buying a vaccine for pigeons and other ornamental bird species, like other veterinary products in Moscow, it is important to take into account a number of contraindications and environmental conditions, in the presence of which the product is not recommended:

  • The animal is sick or weakened.
  • Indices of air temperatures go beyond -10 to + 300С.
  • The bird is in a period of active molting.
  • 10-12 days before the planned vaccination, it is recommended to carry out the anthelmintic treatment.

A very important condition for the product to remain safe and not lose its properties is to comply with the conditions for its proper storage and transportation. The vaccine should be kept in a dry place with a temperature of 2-8 degrees and be protected from direct sunlight.

Sterile syringes with a thin needle are used to administer the vaccine. The injection site (pectoral muscle) is disinfected with an antiseptic solution. The dosage for animals weighing less than 4 kilograms is 0.5 cm3, over 4 kg - 1.0 cm3. Secondarily, the product is administered after 28-30 days. Adult birds should be vaccinated twice every 10 months.

How to buy a vaccine for pigeons

The Bionit company (Trade House BiAgro LLC) offers to buy a vaccine for pigeons as well as various medicines for animals in Moscow and other regions. We guarantee the effectiveness of the products manufactured by us. Its use will help pigeon breeders and poultry breeders to rid the livestock of the danger of contracting salmonellosis and Newcastle disease. To get the vaccine, just contact us at the numbers indicated on the website. You can find out the price of the product in the "Price List" section. Don't hesitate to call us, we will be happy to help you to preserve the health of birds in your household.

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