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Iodide ointment

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Treatment and prevention of dog diseases require the use of veterinary products available in the medicine case of every experienced dog breeder. Before using a specific veterinary product you have to consult a veterinarian who will prescribe appropriate products, as well as preventive and quarantine procedures. In order to prevent diseases in your pets, you have to provide them with the appropriate animal care and the diet with a sufficient amount of vitamins and minerals.

In Trade House BiAgro LLC you can buy veterinary products for dogs for various purposes. Our consultants will help you to choose the right products and provide the necessary advisory support. Products manufactured by us comply with international requirements which is confirmed by testing results from our own laboratories.

Types of dog diseases

There are following types of dog diseases:

  • Infectious — possible causes of such diseases may be fungi, bacteria, and viruses. The most common dog infections are tuberculosis, rabies, tetanus, and some forms of hepatitis.
  • Cutaneous — such diseases get transmitted through contact with infected animals. This type of diseases includes lichen, eczema and a wide range of dermatitis.
  • Parasitic — such diseases develop after infection by parasitic organisms. Symptoms of such diseases are similar to signs of pathologies of the digestive system.
  • Surgical — dislocations, wounds, fractures, tissue inflammations, limb inflammations, foreign bodies in the stomach and intestine, eye and ear diseases.

Veterinary products classification

Veterinary products for dogs can be of following types:

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Anthelmintic (dewormers).

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Veterinary products for dogs can be mixed with feed or injected intramuscularly. In the medicine case of dog breeder there should also be elastic and gauze bandages, an iodine solution, and special ointments for animals. When symptoms of distress appear the pet must be provided first aid, then a full examination should be carried out, which will make it possible to determine an accurate diagnosis.

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