with quality according to GOST, ISO
Соответствие ветпрепаратов ISO и ГОСТ
for quality control
Соответствие ветпрепаратов ISO и ГОСТ
of veterinary products
Соответствие ветпрепаратов ISO и ГОСТ
always available
Соответствие ветпрепаратов ISO и ГОСТ
with producing animals
Соответствие ветпрепаратов ISO и ГОСТ
Biological production
Vaccines and serums against diseases of carnivores, rabbits, birds.
Pharmaceutical production
We produce following veterinary products for animals: hormonal; gynecological; anti-mastitis; antibacterial; antiparasitic and insecto-acaricidal; dermatological; general tonic and stimulating products; ointments; milking products; for the treatment of hooves; cooling, warming gels; disinfectants.

Veterinary products by the Bionit Corporate Group

The Bionit Corporate Group (the Trade House BiAgro LLC) produces and sells veterinary pharmaceutical products, vaccines, animal health products, and disinfectants.

All veterinary products presented in our catalog can be ordered in large and small bulk directly from us by sending us a request through the online form. Actual prices and a complete list of veterinary products are available in the Price List section. Delivery is carried out in any region of Russia.

We comply with strict requirements regarding the efficiency and safety of veterinary product production, and we guarantee strict adherence to a set of standards at all stages of production. Quality control is carried out at all stages of production, by each employee in accordance with the enterprise quality management system GOST ISO 9001-2011. Compliance with high standards in the manufacture and control of manufactured products is confirmed by regular production audits conducted by state regulatory authorities.

Our benefits

Our company has many advantages over other manufacturers of veterinary products in the Russian Federation:
Наличие лаборатории
We have our own laboratory for research and analysis, as well as our own farm with producing animals.
Сертифицированные медикаменты
We produce veterinary products according to international standards and requirements.
Упаковка в удобную тару
For easy use our products packed in convenient containers from quality materials and boxes with detailed directions.
Востребованность лекарств производства «Бионит»
Bionit products are well known and demanded both in our country and in the neighboring regions.
Регулярное повышении квалификации и стажировка сотрудников
Our employees regular develop their professional skills and do internships in specialized training centers.
Постоянная работа над созданием и внедрением новейших препаратов
Constant work on the creation and implementation of the latest products using the latest technology.
Оперативная доставка по Москве и по всей России
Fast delivery in Moscow and throughout Russia using transport companies.
Оказание консультационных услуг
Our highly qualified specialists provide consulting services.
Оптимальные цены на лекарства для животных
We offer the best prices for veterinary products, a flexible discount system, as well as a possibility of deferred payment.

The Bionit Corporate Group (Trade House BiAgro LLC)

The Bionit Corporate Group (Trade House BiAgro LLC) was one of the first to enter the market for the development, production, and sale of veterinary products in Russia which was in 1991. During the time of its existence, the company has developed from a small laboratory to a large modern manufacturer of medicines and vaccines for animals. The company has its own production support base, storage facilities, ancillary facilities and a stock of cars.

We offer you veterinary products of high quality since they are produced on the best modern equipment. In addition to that, we are actively engaged in the development of immunization products, medicinal products based on the blood of donors, viral and bacterial vaccines and serums for the prevention, diagnostics, and treatment of infectious diseases of animals.

Разработка новых препаратов
Development of new products
Соотношение цена - качество
The quality meets the price
Уникальная разработка - вакцина для голубей «Виросальм»
Pioneering development of the Virosalm vaccine for pigeons

Every year The Bionit Corporate Group improves its production support base by adding modern technological equipment that meets the latest requirements of science and technology. The company specialists regularly improve their qualifications and skills, both in the company and in specialized centers for training and internships, which allows us to develop and introduce new modern products.

Our qualified specialists provide consulting services regarding the use of our veterinary products.

Our products are known and demanded in all regions of the Russian Federation and the CIS countries (such as Belarus, Kazakhstan, Azerbaijan, Georgia, Uzbekistan, Armenia, Tajikistan, Moldova, Kyrgyzstan, Turkmenistan).

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