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Viral vaccine Vladivak — La-Sota
Viral vaccine Vladivak — La-Sota

Vaccines against avian diseases

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Among the main causes of chicken diseases, there are poor and unbalanced nutrition, injuries, parasites or viruses, as well as improper animal care. When a pathogen enters the body microbes begin to multiply rapidly which leads to weakening, depletion and possible infection of other animals. The main danger of infectious diseases lies in the fact that they often lead to the mortality of livestock.

In the assortment of the Trade House BiAgro you will find a wide selection of high-quality veterinary products for chickens. All products manufactured by us undergo research and testing in a special laboratory and auxiliary facilities. Products are delivered to customers in convenient packaging and are accompanied by detailed directions for use.

Symptoms and characteristics of diseases

The most dangerous chicken diseases are:

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Typhoid which is characterized by loss of appetite, the appearance of lethargy and which requires antibiotic treatment.

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Salmonellosis which provokes liver damage and gets transmitted by air.

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Pasteurellosis which has a chronic form and is most often transmitted by rodents.

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Smallpox which is characterized by the appearance of smallpox on the skin.

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Mycoplasmosis which is a respiratory disease characterized by shortness of breath.

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Ornithosis which is a pathology affecting the nervous, respiratory and digestive systems.

Types of veterinary products

Depending on the product effect, the following types of veterinary products for chickens are distinguished:

  • Disinfectants and immunomodulatory agents.
  • Antibiotics and probiotics.
  • Vaccines and injections.
  • Antiparasitic products.

You should keep in mind that certain products can cause allergic reactions or other side effects in chickens. In order to prevent possible complications, it is necessary to consult with a veterinarian before using a specific product. In addition to that, you must always go through the directions for use and the recommended dosages of the product.

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