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Viral vaccine Vladivak — La-Sota
Viral vaccine Vladivak — La-Sota

Vaccines against avian diseases

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Virosalm vaccine

Vaccines against avian diseases


When you are breeding pigeons you can not skip use of a variety of products. They are necessary not only for treatment but also for prevention of various viral diseases. Proper and thoughtful care, as well as timely vaccination, can help you to avoid various diseases and to maintain the livestock.

The Bionit company offers you to order vaccines for pigeons and other products of its own production. Here you can buy products for treatment of diseases that affect both domestic and wild birds. All of them are developed in our own laboratories, undergo the necessary tests, and have certificates of compliance with the high standards.

Здоровые голуби на насесте

Домашние голуби в голубятнике

Common diseases

  • Salmonolleiasis (paratyphoid);
  • Paramyxovirus (Newcastle disease);
  • Smallpox;
  • Ornithosis;
  • Coccidiosis
  • Worms
  • Trichomoniasis;
  • Tuberculosis.

A disease can be determined by the unusual behavior of the bird. But only a veterinarian can determine an accurate diagnosis after examination and conducting various tests. Treatment shouldn't be delayed since some types of diseases are transmitted to humans.

What do we offer?

In our company you can purchase several products for birds:

  • Vaccine for pigeons;
  • Viral vaccine;
  • Disinfectants for room cleaning.

All veterinary medicines of the Bionit brand are made from tested components, according to our own formulas that were developed in our laboratories. Products are supplied in containers of various volumes and dosages and are available both in bulk and by retail purchases.

Больной голубь

Вакцинирование птенца голубя

Benefits of our veterinary products for pigeons

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Well-tested and latest formulas and components.

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Certificates of compliance with standards are available for all products.

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Proven efficacy of our products.

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A container with the necessary dosage specifically calculated for birds.

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Affordable price for all products.

You can get the more detailed information regarding veterinary products for pigeons from our managers. Phone numbers are listed in the Contacts section.

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