Articles about diseases in animals and their treatment

Ovarian epidermoids in cattles: patterns, symptoms, and treatment

This article will highlight patterns of the ovarian epidermoids in cows. We will go through their types, symptoms and treatment methods.

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Oviduct inflammation in cows: patterns and treatment

We will talk about patterns and types of oviduct inflammation in cattle. We will also list measures and products for the prevention and treatment of the disease.

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Subinvolution of uterus in cows: signs, symptoms, and characteristics of the disease

We will go through what causes the subinvolution of uterus and how the disease develops in cows. We will give you the main symptoms and treatment methods.

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Symptoms and treatment of avian Newcastle disease

Newcastle disease is a viral disease that poses a serious danger to birds and requires timely treatment with appropriate products

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Deworming of dogs: rules, terms, types of veterinary products

Deworming is an important procedure that is carried out in order to get rid of internal parasites (helminths).

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