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Gynecological products


Gynecological products


Гинекологические заболевания коров

The development of livestock farms with an increase in livestock is far from always accompanied by an improvement in the hygienic and sanitary conditions in the premises for their maintenance. Limited areas and a large concentration of animals, often unbalanced feed and the influence of other adverse factors, reduce the productivity and natural resistance of the body in cows.

As a result, the quality of the final product is deteriorating. In this case, you can not do without the intervention of veterinary specialists and the use of medicines.

Most often, gynecological diseases in farm animals are provoked by the action of conditionally pathogenic microflora and are expressed in inflammatory processes of a different nature. The Bionit company offers its own products for the prevention and treatment of such diseases since only product therapy can protect a cow or cope with an existing problem.

Prevention and treatment of gynecological diseases of cows

Preventive measures to prevent the occurrence of gynecological diseases of farm animals are reduced to compliance with sanitary-veterinary and zootechnical requirements in terms of keeping, feeding, maintaining immunity, as well as the use of specialized products. The decrease in fertility and productivity resulting from the emergence of diseases leads to large financial losses, and the need for treatment leads to tangible cash costs. The use of products from the Bionit company for the prevention of vaginitis and endometritis, as well as for the restoration of the animal in the postpartum period, will help maintain a healthy population. To prevent the occurrence of the disease, you must perform the following steps:

  • For the prevention of vaginitis in cows, artificial insemination should be carried out in special points and only with high-quality sperm. During the natural process, it is necessary to conduct a veterinary examination of the bull, preliminary diagnostic tests, and preventive vaccination before mating.
  • To prevent the appearance of clinically pronounced endometritis in cows, it is necessary to completely exclude the possibility of penetration of microbes into the uterus and the birth canal. During childbirth and the postpartum period, the animal must be kept in appropriate sanitary and hygienic conditions. Regular cleaning of the skin on the croup, in the area of ​​the tail and external genitalia, is necessary. Mandatory replacement of bedding and disinfection of stalls. With pathological births, the birth canal should be protected from infection and injury.
  • For the prevention of latent endometritis, which occurs in cows in the postpartum period, timely detection and treatment of complications arises.

Treatment of endometritis in cows

Лечение гинекологических заболеваний у коров

The Bionit company produces veterinary products that can prevent and relieve the most common gynecological disease in farm animals - endometritis. The uterine mucosa in cows becomes inflamed most often in the postpartum period. The disease can cause infertility which negatively affects the development of the economy, which will suffer financial losses.

Our products are manufactured on modern equipment using advanced technologies and are able to defeat many well-known pathogens of endometritis and save the animal from the appearance of mixed microflora. The main objectives of these products are the following:

Своевременное освобождение полости матки

Timely release of the uterine cavity from exudate.

Подавление деятельности патогенной микрофлоры

Suppression of the activity of pathogenic microflora.

Восстановление маточного тонуса

Recovery of uterine tonus.

Ускорение регенерации эндометриального слоя

Acceleration of regeneration of the endometrial layer.

Усиление защитных свойств организма

Strengthening the protective properties of the body.

Предотвращение интоксикации

Prevention of intoxication.

In order to order gynecological products, vaccines and ointments for animals, call the numbers indicated on the website. We will answer all your questions.

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