Antiparasitic agents for animals

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Antiparasitic agents

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Antiparasitic agents

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One in the body of an animal  - cows, pigs, sheep or horses - the parasite often leads to infection of the entire livestock, which entails the loss of the herd and losses for the farmer, the enterprise. A person is not always able to monitor the quality and purity of water, feed obtained by livestock, and the cleanliness of pasture and walking areas. To prevent possible infection, there are special veterinary products. You can buy antiparasitic agents at Bionit. We offer to order wholesale and retail medicines against parasites. All of them passed repeated tests, proved their effectiveness and are used to improve the livestock population.

Противопаразитарные препараты для коров

Препарты против паразитов у лошадей

Products for farm animals that we offer

We offer two types of products suitable for the excretion of parasites in animals:

  • Liquid, to which Bivermektin belongs. The main active ingredient is - ivermectin, emits a broad anthelmintic effect. It is administered parenterally - into the muscle tissue, where it quickly dissolves. Suitable: for cattle (e.g. cows), sheep and pigs.
  • Aerosols, these include Perosol - a means for disinfecting rooms. Effective against parasites and cockroaches. It is sprayed onto all visible objects, the inventory of employees, parts of corrals and stalls. Suitable: for cattle (e.g. cows) and horses.

List of curable diseases

Our veterinary products help get rid of and avoid the following diseases:

  • ascariasis
  • bunostomosis,
  • hematopinosis
  • hematosis,
  • hypodermatosis,
  • dictyocauliasis
  • marshall religion
  • melophagosis,
  • metastrongility,
  • mulleriosis,
  • nematodirosis
  • ostertagia
  • prtostrongilese
  • psoroptosis
  • sarcoptosis
  • sifunculosis,
  • stefanurosis
  • Strongyloidosis
  • Strongilosis,
  • telaziosis
  • trichocephalosis,
  • habertiosis,
  • chorioptosis
  • esophagostomiasis,
  • estrosis.

Противопаразитарные препараты для овец

Противопаразитарные препараты для лечения свиней

The benefits of our veterinary products

Our antiparasitic products have a number of significant advantages:

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Designed by experienced scientists.

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Repeatedly tested.

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They have the necessary certificates.

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Differ in high efficiency.

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Stand out for a long period of validity.

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Simple and easy to use.

Why should you contact us?

  • Own advanced production.
  • Developed scientific base, own laboratories.
  • Own storage facilities and car pool.
  • Possibility of delivery throughout Russia.
  • Best prices for all products.

To order our antiparasitic products, vaccines against avian diseases or ointments for the treatment of animals, just fill out a request form on the website or call our managers. Phones are listed in the Contacts section.

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