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Protecting animal health is an important question to which any owner should pay special attention. Such measures should first of all be preventive. Today manufacturers have learned how to create vaccines that are combined and protect against several serious diseases that threaten the life of the animal. Moreover, a dog is a friend of a person, so many of their viruses can be transmitted to people. Therefore, the use of vaccinations for an animal is also the prevention of human diseases.

Our company offers customers polyvalent serums for dogs. Such serum is active against plague, adenovirus infections, and parvovirus enteritis. Products are manufactured in strict accordance with applicable standards. Quality is confirmed by the necessary certificates.

Polyvalent serum is made from the blood of healthy horses, which contains antibodies to strains of the plague virus, parvovirus and dog adenovirus, i.e. being hyperimmunized antigens. It should be noted that the products do not contain genetically modified products.

Поливалентные сыворотки

The appearance of the serum is a yellow-straw clear liquid, sometimes a red tint and a slight white precipitate may be present. The products are manufactured in glass ampoules corked with rubber and aluminum cap.

Serum will reliably protect your pet from diseases such as plague and enteritis, as well as from adenovirus infections. The product is prescribed by a veterinarian. It is administered subcutaneously in accordance with the dosage indicated in the directions. To do this, use sterile needles and syringes.

Polyvalent serum made from the blood of hyperimmunized horses also serves as a cure for plague, adenovirus infections and enteritis. The dosage for this case is indicated in the annotation to the medicine.

Buy in bulk

The company Bionit offers customers to buy animal serums, as well as anti-parasitic products, therapeutic and preventive vaccinations from the manufacturer at low prices in Moscow. All products have a guarantee and the necessary certificates confirming their safety and quality.

Сыворотки от чумы для собак

Advantages of cooperation with our company:

  • Quality products manufactured in accordance with applicable standards;
  • Using the latest technology in the production process;
  • Powerful production base;
  • Highly qualified personnel with extensive experience and higher profile education;
  • Affordable and competitive prices for manufactured products;
  • Flexible terms of cooperation with wholesale customers;
  • High-quality and problem free service.

In order to buy polyvalent serum against plague and enteritis of dogs in bulk at low prices, you can leave a request on the website or contact us by phone numbers. Our experts will advise you on all your questions. We look forward to collaborating with you!

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