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Currently, the list of diseases that affect domestic and farm animals and birds is very long. For the effective treatment of most infections, it is necessary to use antibacterial agents selected by a professional and highly qualified veterinarian. Products of this type are made on the basis of bacteria that combats various pathogens.

Антибактериальные препаратыThe choice of a suitable medicine for animals should be approached with extreme responsibility. In order for the antibacterial agent to bring maximum benefit, it is recommended that you first contact a specialized veterinary clinic where they will conduct a thorough examination of the sick pet and take some necessary tests.

Such an examination will allow you to accurately establish the fact of the presence of pathogenic bacteria in the body, their variety, as well as to detect all affected areas and organs. After completing this procedure, the veterinarian will be able to correctly choose the dosage of the medicine and the duration of the course of its use, taking into account the weight of the animal, its size and biological characteristics.

Some antiinfective agents do not always help to completely cure an identified disease. The effectiveness of their use may depend on the sensitivity of the pathogen to a specific product. For the purpose of the most effective treatment, visiting a veterinarian is necessary throughout the course of medication.

Areas of use for antimicrobial agents

Antiinfectives should be used as carefully as possible, strictly following the recommendations and directions of the doctor. Some products can cause an allergic reaction in a sick pet or cause complications of the disease and deterioration of the body. The veterinarian should prescribe medication, taking into account the location of the affected area and pathological processes.

Antiinfectives for animals can be used to treat the following diseases:

  • Surgical infections;
  • Damages to the skin and disruption of its integrity;
  • Inflammation of the internal organs;
  • Digestive or genitourinary system disorders;
  • Skin infections;
  • Damages of the gastrointestinal tract and respiratory tract.

Sale of antibacterial products

Антибактериальное средство для животныхModern antiinfectives for animals may be in form of a powder, drops or dusting powder, however, for some emergency cases, solutions for subcutaneous injection become the only option.

Compliance with the directions and the dosage prescribed by the doctor, as well as proper skincare for the animal, a good diet and comfortable living conditions will contribute to the speedy recovery of the sick pet. Such products can be purchased at any pet store or pharmacy located directly in the veterinary clinic.

A set of necessary medicines should be in the medicine cabinet of any owner of domestic and farm animals, as well as cattle. The cost of antibacterial products is affordable for any buyer, and their timely use not only allows you to cure the disease but in some cases save the life of the pet.

In order to make an order for antiinfectives, ointments or vaccines for birds and animals, call the numbers in the Contacts section. We will help you take care of your pets and purchase quality veterinary products in Moscow.

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