About the company

About the company

"Medicine protects people, and veterinary medicine protects humanity" (Evseenko S.S., army veterinarian, 1850-1915)

The Bionit Corporate Group has been operating since 1991, from the moment it became possible to organize private enterprises in order to implement the most advanced scientific developments in the field of veterinary pharmaceuticals.

Мы производим лекарства для птиц
Мы производим ветпрепараты для коров
Только сертифицированные ветеринарные препараты

So what does Bionit do?

  • First of all, Bionit cares about people's health. Since the health of farm and domestic animals also affects human health.

  • Second of all, the Bionit products make it possible for agriculture and the entire economy as a whole to develop successfully. Healthy livestock of farms and poultry farms is the key to high productivity and profit.

  • Third of all, the Bionit Corporate Group, together with the agricultural enterprises and a larger number of companies processing agricultural products, provide a solution to one of the fundamental tasks of our time that the world community still faces, i.e. hunger reduction. There are still a lot of people, regions, and countries on the verge of physical extinction. And since we are all in the same boat, all the economies in the world are interconnected.

If we combine all these activities of The Bionit Corporate Group and summarize them, we can see that the creation and maintenance of an ecologically balanced environment is the mission of the company. And of course, in order to successfully act locally, you need to think globally.

In order to achieve this global and noble goal the Bionit Corporate Group:

  • Organized a scientific structure in order to create vaccines and veterinary products.

  • Has expanded the industrial production.

  • Created a structure for the implementation of these products.

Sales geography

Our products are known and demanded in all regions of the Russian Federation and the CIS countries (such as Belarus, Kazakhstan, Azerbaijan, Georgia, Uzbekistan, Armenia, Tajikistan, Moldova, Kyrgyzstan, Turkmenistan).

  • The Bionit Corporate Group is represented in 11 countries.

  • Our products are demanded in 85 regions of the Russian Federation.

  • Delivery is possible not only in Russia but also abroad.

Доставка в любые регионы России Delivery to any region

Since 1991

we produce and manufacture vaccines and veterinary products for animals


pharmaceutical products are developed and launched in production


biological products are developed and launched in production

Доставка лекарств в любые регионы

In modern conditions, when the obvious threat to human life and health is more and more often posed by viruses, diseases previously characteristic of the animal world, or the carriers of which are representatives of the animal world (“bird flu”, “swine flu”). Vaccines and products developed by the Bionit Corporate Group can protect the health of animals and people from the epidemic.

In addition to that, a person in a modern urbanized society, experiencing constant stress and less and less in contact with nature, made the breeding of decorative pets a humanitarian industry, correcting our mental state. The growth of the “population” of pets, naturally, led to an increase in diseases among them and, as a result, to the development of a whole segment of veterinary products for the prevention and treatment of these diseases.

These products solve specific veterinary problems, as well as psychological and emotional problems of a modern person, protecting and saving his pets, creating and maintaining spiritual harmony, comfort in home and family. As a result, with the help of veterinary products and vaccines developed and produced by the Bionit Corporate Group, we get a balanced environment - both biological and psychological - of human habitation.

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