Vaccines against rabbit diseases

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Rabbivak – V vaccine
Rabbivak – V vaccine

Vaccines against rabbit diseases

Rabbivak – B vaccine
Rabbivak – B vaccine

Vaccines against rabbit diseases


At birth, rabbits have fairly strong immunity, so that they can withstand most diseases, and even if they suffer from them then very slightly. Thanks to research, it was possible to establish that rabbits, while feeding on mother's milk, receive powerful protection with it. But it is short-lived and acts during the period of feeding. Usually, young animals are taken from a female at the age of one month and in order to be ready for independent resistance to viruses they need to be vaccinated. Our catalog has Rabbivak vaccines in bottles against major diseases that contain strains of myxomatosis and hemorrhagic disease.

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Diseases and their symptoms

There are many diseases that rabbits are susceptible to, and especially rabbits. Many of them are incurable or extremely difficult to treat. The most common and dangerous include:

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VHD (Rabbit Viral Hemorrhagic Disease). The infectious, acute leaking highly contagious disease, spreads among the adult population and affects all organs with diathesis. It leads to the death of the animal from 80% to 100% of cases. The incubation (hidden) period is 2-3 days. Rabbivak V vaccine prevents the disease and prevents death.

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Myxomatosis. An acute viral disease of rabbits, characterized by serous-purulent conjunctivitis and the formation of nodes ("bumps") in the head, anus and external genital organs, which lead to the death of the animal in 100% of cases. Sources of infection are insects (mosquitoes, mosquitoes, lice, fleas, ticks). The disease has a pronounced seasonal character (from May to September inclusive) The incubation (latent) period of 3-7 days. Rabbivak B vaccine prevents myxomatosis and protects against death.

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Pasteurellosis. An acute contagious infectious disease that affects rabbits of all ages and is characterized by hemorrhagic inflammation of the internal organs and death of animals. It begins with fever, refusal to feed, weakness, sneezing, runny nose, rapid and difficult breathing.

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Typhus (salmonellosis). An infectious disease characterized by damage to the digestive tract (gastrointestinal tract) and the reproductive system, i.e. the walls of the uterus are affected, the gastrointestinal tract functionality is impaired. With a prolonged course and the absence of treatment, females lose their offspring.

When any symptoms are observed, the rabbit gets isolated, their litter, food, and water get changed. The place where he was kept should be carefully cleaned, other pets are examined and consulted by a veterinarian.

Вакцины для кроликов

Вакцины против болезней кроликов

Types of vaccines against rabbit diseases

  • Monovalent. It contains a strain of one disease, therefore, it fights only with its pathogens. Our catalog contains products against myxomatosis and HBV. With phased vaccination, the rabbit body produces its own antibodies faster, the animal does not get sick after vaccination.
  • Mixed It contains several varieties of viruses at once, which, when vaccinated, gives a large load on the immune system. Such products are dry mixes packaged in bottles of various volumes. Suitable for routine vaccination of healthy and strong rabbits.

Special warnings and precautions for vaccine use

All products must be used strictly according to the directions in order to avoid side effects. Primary vaccination is carried out on the 30th day of the life of rabbits, the second - after three months. Only clinically healthy rabbits are vaccinated.

But even with the exact following of the directions, regular visits to the veterinarian, the animal vaccine may not work for a number of reasons:

  • The rabbit is already sick.
  • The product's shelf life expired.
  • The product was stored in inappropriate conditions.
  • The rabbit is infected with helminths.
  • The vaccination schedule is not followed.

Проведении вакцинации кролика от разных болезней

Введение вакцины домашнему кролику

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