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Гормональные препараты

Synthetic sex hormones have been used for many years in medicine and veterinary medicine. Their role and importance for agriculture is obvious. With the help of hormonal products, fertility can be improved, and puberty can be accelerated, which directly affects farm productivity. In addition, they are necessary for the treatment of diseases of organs, increase their functions. In small doses prescribed by a doctor, synthetic sex hormones do not have a negative effect on the body and do not have side effects, which is why they are so widespread throughout the world.

Our company offers hormonal veterinary products to maintain the sexual health of farm animals. All products have the necessary certificates confirming their quality and safety, as well as licenses.

The product sinestrol is close in chemical composition and effect to steroid estrogen hormones. Its effect is expressed in increasing the blood supply to the genitals and mammary glands, as well as the activation of endometrial proliferation processes.

The animal product Sinestrol is traditionally used in agriculture and is prescribed for the following purposes:

  • Treatment and prevention of endometritis;
  • Treatment and prevention of ovarian hypofunction;
  • Stimulation of sexual hunting in cows and mares;
  • Removal of the placenta (after childbirth)
  • Enhanced mammary gland function.

It has an effect similar to the female hormone estrogen but is more active and faster. The product is administered subcutaneously or intramuscularly. Dosage and route of administration are indicated in the abstract.

Buy hormonal products

Our company offers to buy the product Sinestrol 2% concentration of its own production at affordable prices. Products have certificates confirming its quality and safety. The product is manufactured using advanced technologies on modern equipment under the supervision of experienced specialists.

This veterinary product for animals is a white powder with a yellowish tint, odorless. It is not soluble in water, but soluble in ether, oil and alcohol. In our catalog, ampoules of 2% Sinestrol solution for subcutaneous injection are presented.

Advantages of cooperation with the Bionit company:

Высокое качество

A wide selection of veterinary products of our own production.

Передовые технологии

Application of advanced medical technologies.

Собственное производство

Own production with modern equipment.

Квалифицированный и опытный персонал

Qualified and experienced staff.

Гибкие условия сотрудничества

Flexible terms of cooperation with wholesale customers.

Половые гормоны у животных

The company Bionit (Trade House BiAgro LLC) offers customers to purchase the hormonal product sinestrol, as well as vaccines for animals and birds in bulk at low prices. The products are safe for animal health and are used as prevention and treatment of diseases of the genital area, as well as to enhance the functions of the mammary glands.

In order to buy the product Sinestrol, you can leave a request on our website or contact us yourself at the numbers indicated in the Contacts section. Our managers will answer your questions. We look forward to collaborating!

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