General tonic and stimulating products

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General tonic and stimulating products

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Общеукрепляющие препараты

The animal organism has no less complex structure than the human. Therefore, any disease that can damage him as much, and in addition, bring losses to the household. Each ailment of one or another representative of farm animals, whether large cattles, or sheep and pigs, can lead to a decrease in the quality and quantity of products produced. All this forces the owners of livestock complexes and farmsteads to pay considerable attention not only to the quality of the livestock, proper care, and feeding, but also the prevention of various diseases.

The importance of the use of tonic and restorative products in veterinary medicine cannot be overestimated. Modern realities are such that even full compliance with the norms of keeping and feeding does not give a 100% guarantee of healthy livestock and good performance of farmsteads without the use of veterinary medicines.

For any economy, it is important to cure a sick animal in a timely manner, as well as observe a set of measures to maintain healthy other individuals. The most difficult to prevent the appearance of various diseases in young animals. Therefore, along with compliance with the norms of keeping, you need to be prepared for actions to maintain the health of recently born animals.

Buy general strengthening and tonic veterinary products produced by Bionit

The Bionit company offers in its assortment general tonic and stimulating products of internal and intravenously administration for:

  • Horses.
  • Cows.
  • Pigs.
  • Piggies
  • Calves.

Тонизирующие препараты

These products can be used in cases of blood loss, dehydration in animals, with dyspepsia and bronchopneumonia of young animals. Typically, the period of administration of the product is about three to four days in the prescribed dose. The active substance increases the osmotic pressure of the blood, acts as an activator of metabolic processes in tissues, dilates blood vessels, positively affects the ability of the heart muscle to contract, and increases the antitoxic function of the liver. There are no restrictions on the use of livestock products for its intended purpose after treatment with these products. All components of the medication are removed from the body of the recovered animal within a few days.

The Bionit company, which has been operating in the market for the production of veterinary products for more than 20 years, offers its customers high-quality and fast delivery service and competent professional advice in the process of selecting the necessary products. General tonic and stimulating products manufactured at our enterprise are certified, have detailed directions for use and a detailed description.

Timely use of the right medicines will help prevent an animal’s disease, minimize its duration during the onset, as well as save the economy from the loss of profit since only healthy livestock can be the key to a successful business.

In order to buy antiparasitic products, tonic agents and vaccines for animals, call the numbers indicated in the Contacts section. The company's specialists will answer all your questions.

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