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The Bionit company offers to buy veterinary products for horses at affordable prices. All medicines in the catalog can be ordered in small or large bulk. The products sold fully comply with the established international requirements and standards, which is ensured thanks to strict control at every stage of our production. Delivery is carried out in any region of Russia.

Types of products

The use of veterinary products for horses requires prior consultation with the veterinarian. Disease prevention, timely vaccination and the prevention of pathologies will prevent the risk of the spread of infections, which will save you from the cost of subsequent expensive treatment. The presence of a small first-aid kit with a set of necessary medicines will help provide the animal with first aid until the doctor arrives.

The most commonly used veterinary products that are recommended for every horse owner to carry are:

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Antispasmodic and painkillers - used for severe colic.

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Antidotes - are used in case of poisoning (tannin, atropine).

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Laxatives - castor oil, sodium or magnesium sulfates.

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Disinfectants - hydrogen peroxide, furatsilin, potassium permanganate.

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Dermatological agents - streptomycin sulfuric ointment, ichthyol.

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Medications for compensatory therapy are calcium or glucose solutions.

Application methods

Veterinary products for horses can be administered in one of the following ways:

  • In a mixture with food.
  • Using a nasopharyngeal probe.
  • Using a syringe dispenser.
  • Subcutaneous, intravenous or intramuscular administration.

Injection medications act on horses much faster than oral medications, including pastes or pills. In addition, in the medicine cabinet you must have products to stop bleeding, such as a hemostatic sponge or potassium permanganate. A mandatory requirement is the presence of dressings, for example, cotton wool or bandage, which will help in case of injuries, as well as fix the animal before diagnostic or therapeutic measures.

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