Deworming of dogs: rules, terms, types of veterinary products

Deworming is an important procedure that is carried out in order to get rid of internal parasites (helminths). Dogs should undergo this procedure regularly, and it is mandatory before vaccinations. Let us get more information about this therapeutic procedure.

Дегельминтизация собак

By deworming we mean the destruction of helminths and eggs which they can lay in the body of an animal. Pets can become infected with such parasites anywhere:

  • When eating pork or raw meat.
  • When dealing with infected pets.
  • While walking, sniffing the ground and feces of other dogs.

Deworming is carried out both for medicinal purposes (in case of infection with worms, the product must be fed to the pet several times in accordance with a certain scheme), and for prevention. If fleas are found in the animal, you first need to get rid of them, after which you can proceed to the use of a deworming product.

How often is deworming performed?

Dogs begin to receive a deworming treatment already from the age of 3 weeks. At this age, it is best to use special gentle products that can effectively destroy parasites without causing much harm to the body. If your pet became infected with helminths, and you found them in vomit or feces (this happens with large concentrations of worms), deworming should be carried out according to the following scheme:

  • Use appropriate products to first get rid of fleas.
  • A week later, you can begin to feed the dog an anthelmintic product. It is recommended to give it before a morning meal. The dose is calculated according to the weight of the animal. If the medicine has a bitter taste, it can be mixed with any favorite treat (a piece of butter or minced meat).
  • A week later the deworming procedure must be repeated.

Антигельминтный препарат

For preventive purposes, anthelmintic products are fed to dogs every 3-4 months. Such schedules are recommended by veterinarians. Before this, it is necessary to conduct get rid of fleas and other external parasite 7-10 days in advance, since they are carriers of worm eggs.

It is undesirable to use anthelmintic products during pregnancy. Anthelmintic products are toxic and can have a negative effect on the animal development. In this case, the procedure is best carried out 2-3 weeks before mating.

Classification of anthelmintic agents

Veterinary pharmacies and pet stores have a wide range of deworming products for adult animals or small puppies. Lets take a look at the most common of them.


This anthelmintic product is available in the form of pale yellow pills. They need to be taken at the rate of 1 pc. per 10 kg of dog weight. Active ingredients - pyrantel embonate, praziquantel, and febantel. Destroys round and tapeworms.

Feed the required amount of the product to the pet in the morning. Pills can be put on the root of the tongue or mixed with the favorite food. Some dogs are happy to eat them on their own, due to the characteristic meat taste.

The product can be fed to puppies starting from 2 weeks of age (if the baby's weight exceeds 2 kg), as well as to lactating bitches. The approximate cost of one tablet is 160-200 rubles.

Лечение собак от гельминтов

Caniquantel plus

This anthelmintic agent effectively destroys cestodes, trematodes, and nematodes. Active ingredients - praziquantel and fenbendazole.

The product is available in the form of a gel or pills. It can be used for deworming of puppies, starting from the fourth week of life, however, the dosage must be strictly observed.

Caniquantel Plus is fed to dogs forcibly (placed on the root of the tongue) or mixed with a piece of food. For fastidious animals, you can prepare a suspension by grinding the product, which must be dissolved in water and pour into the mouth with a spoon or syringe without a needle.

Осмотр перед дегельминтизацией


This medication is supplied in the form of oval white pills. The active agents are praziquantel and milbemycin oxime. This one destroys both adult helminths and their larvae. Milbemax is effective for the treatment of cestodes and nematodes.

Pregnant bitches should be fed only under the supervision of a veterinarian. It can also be used to deworm puppies from the third week of life, and their body weight should exceed 500 g. It is not recommended to use Milbemax for Bobtail, Sheltie and Collie dogs.

Препарат для дегельминтизации


This product is available in the form of light yellow pills or suspensions. Active agents - praziquantel and pyrantelpamoate. This one destroys nematodes and cestodes.

Before feeding, the suspension must be shaken well. Then measure the required amount with a syringe and pour it into the mouth of the pet. Pills can be mixed with the favorite treat.

Prazitsid is recommended to be fed to the pregnant females 3 weeks before birth under the supervision of a veterinarian and only if absolutely necessary. The product should not be given to puppies if their age is less than three weeks.

Лекарственное средство против гельминтов


This anthelmintic product is available in the form of white pills. It is aimed to get rid of cestodes. The main active ingredient is praziquantel. The formula of the product also includes pyrantelapamoate, which destroys nematodes.

Azinox is contraindicated in young puppies up to three weeks old and in pregnant females. The pills are fed in the form of a previously prepared suspension (1 pill must be dissolved in 10 ml of water) or with a small piece of food.

Смешивание антигельминтного препарата с кормом

Need of deworming before vaccination

In accordance with the recommendations of veterinarians, before administering any vaccine dogs must be forced to go through a deworming procedure because vaccinations are given only to completely healthy pets. Deworming is carried out 10 days before vaccination.

If after feeding the anthelmintic agent you find worms in the feces of the animal, give the product again a week later, after which pay attention to the feces again. If there are no helminths, then the vaccine can be administered 10 days later.

Собака на приеме у ветеринара

Deworming scheme

All puppies in the litter must be treated by an anthelmintic agent and vaccinated. Labradors, German shepherds and other large breeds are given the product at the age of three weeks. Small dogs, such as a chihuahua, should only be fed after they reach a weight of 500 g.

The deworming and vaccination scheme for adult animals and puppies consists of the following steps:

  • Feeding an anthelmintic agent (the first time after reaching the age of 3-4 weeks, the second after 10-12 days).
  • The first vaccination is at the age of 8-9 weeks.
  • Revaccination is carried out at the age of 12-13 weeks (4 weeks later).
  • Veterinarians recommend a rabies vaccination at the age of 6 months since at this age most dogs complete a tooth change. Before this vaccine, the puppy must have been treated by a dewormer 10-12 days in advance.
  • Adult animals are vaccinated once a year. Each subsequent vaccination requires preliminary deworming, moreover, with large amount of worms, the procedure must be carried out twice.

Таблетки для дегельминтизации

If you have several pets, feed them deworming products at the same time. Observe the dosage and make sure to read the attached directions. Do not forget that deworming is a mandatory procedure for all dogs.

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