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Breeding pigs requires the use of quality veterinary products. Medicines can be used to diagnose or treat various diseases. Diseases and infections often cause the animal to stop growing and lose weight and also hinder the development of its body. Properly selected medications and preventive measures will increase immunity, accelerate the deposition of fat and improve metabolism.

At the Trade House BiAgro LLC, you can buy veterinary products for pigs at competitive prices. We sell products in small and large bulks. Strict control at every stage of production guarantees the high quality of the medicines. The list of our services includes professional advice and delivery of goods throughout Russia.

Product slassification

Veterinary products for pigs are divided into 3 main groups:

  • Oral - are introduced with food or dissolved in water, which ensures the best absorption.
  • Intramuscular - are produced in the form of liquids and imply the introduction of certain muscles into the tissues.
  • Intravenous - this category includes serums, vitamins, and vaccines, administered inside the veins.

Types of diseases

Here you can order medications for pigs intended for the treatment of the following diseases:

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Salmonellosis and pasteurellosis.

Пункт 2

Ascaridosis and gastroenteritis.

Пункт 3

Atrophic rhinitis.

Пункт 4

Erysipelas and colibacillosis.

One of the most acute and dangerous diseases of pigs is the plague. The causative agents of this disease are most often the smallest microorganisms, which are impossible to see with a conventional microscope. Infection also spreads through sick animals and slaughter products. Among other possible sources of the disease, it is fashionable to include infected rooms, rats, flies or work equipment.

To avoid unpleasant complications during the course of the disease or the manifestation of allergic reactions to medications, you should consult your veterinarian before using veterinary products. He must conduct an examination of the animal, examine the places of painful formations and prescribe the necessary treatment.

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